Extraordinary Women Gotta Last Request

Feminism, matriarchy, rah rah rah or what have you. Words to that effect at any rate. Women are extraordinary. And, as much as certain folk would flog me for saying so, men are too. Life in general is pretty damn smack bang out of the usual when you look at the universe as a whole. People somehow don’t though, they insist on comparing themselves to other members of their own race and proclaiming precisely the degree to which they are superior.

Anyhow, we were speaking of the gender of the ladier persuasion, those for whom the Y chromosome is largely superfluous to requirements. Even if you want to be terribly insular and only look at Earth dwelling gals there are plenty special ones to choose from.

As usual, almost as if it were by design or something (but obviously not because I wouldn’t do such a monstrous thing as intentionally waste your time now would I? Especially as I have so very many interesting ideas around this matter and am quite definitely not already regretting my chosen title. Shall we get away from these boundless accusations you’re levelling my way and get back to something a little more informative), we’re meandering away from the topic of discussion.

The esteemed womanly contingent have banded together for something along the lines of a conference. Over lots of cups of tea and cake (there may have been the odd slug of coffee but I was paying rather a lot more attention to what was being said rather than the beverages on offer) very important issues were discussed. Then, in an incredibly orderly fashion with much tidying up afterwards, they disbanded having come up with one last ultimate request.

To be honest, not entirely sure what it was. Maybe something to do with picking up socks or closing the toilet lid when you flush? Something momentous no doubt.

Song choices courtesy of: Liz Phair, Gabrielle Ruiz and Paolo Nutini


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