Modern Life is Killing Keith Vaz and the Prostitutes at his Flat

Look, you really shouldn’t judge relationships from the outside. Sure, you might witness what you think of as abuse or manipulation or whatever but you’ll only ever know one side of the story for sure. Not only that but you’ll naturally filter everything through own preconceptions and moral judgements like some kind of nark. You don’t truly know what goes on behind closed doors and I’ll thank you to keep your big nose out of other people’s business. But I digress.

Time was, you’d have been able to keep a whole harem on your bountiful estate and no one would have been any the wiser. Nowadays, everyone’s raging about transparency in the government ministers and dabbling in all manner of surveillance techniques besides. No one’s able to even to try and keep a secret without some variety of weasel trying to ferret or weasel it out of them.

Keith Vaz, for a random example. Back in the good old days he’d have been able to project whatever public image he wished for. Respectable gent of the left leaning persuasion, really rather concerned about doing the best for the people and whatnot. And then in private he could have a fleet of ladies of the night ready to service every desire and whim in exchange for a roof over their heads and a decent wage. When you think about it, he’s a job provider, lending the economy vital stimulation.

However, modern existence and opinions have rather overtaken this hallowed position of yesteryear. The common folk are no longer peasants to be ground into the dust. They have laptops, computers even, and access to the internet in order to vent their thoughts. Such powers are all they need to take down the likes of Keith Vaz and his hedonistic enclave of promiscuous females.


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