Doctors at War Over Hidden Cyanide

Strike negotiations have kind of sort of reached a whole new level of crazy. Budgets may or may not have been slashed to the bone or on another hand entirely problems could have been over exaggerated to the point of being blown out of proportion altogether. With the media cycle and whatnot being the way it is in this country it’s become rather difficult to know for sure where one stands. What we do know is that someone chose to resort to what can only be described as desperate measures.

You can start to appreciate how it all began and only try to empathise with the variously trodden on feelings. Proposals have flown back and forth between interested parties and such suggestions can only be rejected so many times before someone gets all manner of aggrieved. All the while folk on the outside are chucking in their own two cents regarding the future of healthcare in our beleaguered little nation.

So all the higher ups involved were summoned for one final reckoning. They were going to get matters ironed out even if it killed them. Which turned out to be rather rash words as they sparked a potentially lethal plan. A certain person reckoned it would be downright genius to hide some cyanide in the room and threaten to release it if the boys and girls couldn’t all just get along and come to some variety of agreement.

Think about it, wouldn’t you be so much more motivated and ready to compromise under such circumstances? How about if I threatened to kick you very hard in the shins if you dared to oppose my views? I thought as much. It probably shouldn’t be too long before the bickering and desperate attempts to escape die down and a proper solution gets hammered out.


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