The World’s Biggest Five-Day Strikes

Admit it, you’re kind of jealous of any group of people who manage to summon the gumption and gusto necessary for following through with that variety of organised protest. Come to think of it, it’s a rare thing that any of us feels that we have enough holiday what with days having to come out here and there for waiting in for essential deliveries and such commonplace events as Christmas. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have more opportunities to simply get away from it all?

This is precisely the line of thinking that a certain someone was pursuing not so very long ago. They did various figures and plugged those calculations into a number of cunning algorithms and determined that a little bit more annual leave would do almost everyone the power of good. Highly persuasive arguments were put forth which were rapidly taken up by all manner of folk who whole heartedly agreed. I can see you’re coming around to their way of thinking too.

Employers, however, were rather more reluctant on the uptake. They closed eyes and ears to coaxing and completely ignored the numerous petitions that were carefully placed under their noses. Something a little bit more drastic was going to have to occur to demonstrate just how ticked off the British workforce had become and how emphatically they were no longer going to stand for such unjust treatment.

So the working week of strikes came about. People from all walks of career path took to the streets to voice their disappointments with the way their lives were panning out. And the rest simply found a way to cope with the lack of others making it into the office. Sure, one or two unlucky types how to hold it in when a hernia ruptured or a flat was broken into but for the most part people were blissfully happy with the impromptu holiday. They may even indulge in another next month.


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