New Move For Lloyds Banker

I do believe you’ll find that this is one of the most unfortunate things about the banking industry. It’s altogether far too easy for an innocent mind to lose its focus and for a pen to slip to the point that a banker becomes a bonker (or indeed a boner as my not remotely Freudian fingers decided to type. It certainly lacks the dotted red line that my writerly integrity doesn’t especially enjoy). There’s quite definitely nothing worse than a typo.

Of course once you’ve been labelled a bonker there are a few different course of action open to you. You can try your utmost to feel indignant about the slur against your professional integrity. But we both know that such feelings well and truly won’t last all that long. Especially when bonker is quite such a funny word. It’s got the hard k sound and everything. Hilarious.

Or, you know, maybe you could just go with it. Once someone’s managed to get an idea like that about you in their heads it’ll prove incredibly hard to shift. They’ll be forever glancing at you askance, speculating about your behaviour and whoever it is you might be with next. Why not role with the metaphorical opinion punches and indulge in a little bit of what it is that the kids call action? I just sounded about a hundred years old didn’t I? Ah, it’s fine. I probably am at heart.

An alternative route open to you is to try something completely unexpected, a new move. We live in a constantly evolving society and as a species are forever adapting to brand new sets of circumstances or at least that’s the theory. Is it really so surprising that something new would crop up every now and then to try and deal with it? Go forth, be free and stop listening to me for any variety of advice.


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