Poles are Now Britain’s Quicksand Horror

People from other countries are clearly essentially inhuman. Now before you start banging on about backward views and various flavours of social injustice please do hear me out. I am in no way saying that foreigners are more animalistic than you or I. That would be harking back to a more than unfortunate history we’d all rather forget. There’s rather a lot more to it than that.

The world is really and truly oriented from your own perspective. The rest of it is altogether far too big and too complicated to properly exist. There are only so many humans out there so it made the most sense to populate the most immediate geographic areas to you and staff the remainder of the globe with cut outs manipulated by complicated pieces of string.

Up until now such disturbances in the fabric of the matrix have entirely passed you by. Yes they have. You didn’t realise that whenever you went on holiday they just changed the backdrop and you believed you were in another country. That exotic language they were speaking? Pure gibberish. And let’s not even get into the wool pulled over your eyes when it came to their manipulation of the weather. You sneered at how implausible the plot of The Truman Show was but failed to appreciate the Meta nature of the joke they were making.

Anyway, someone somewhere decided that they were tired of the deceit, the lies just weren’t worth it anymore and the sight of the end goal had long ago been lost entirely. They started abusing their power over you like a particularly sick version of The Sims. Why else do you think this year has been going so spectacularly awfully? Anyway anyway, the Polish migrants aren’t people at all. They’re made out of quicksand. You really don’t want to know what some of the other ethnic minorities have been manufactured from.


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