Curb on Toxic Beads

We’re basically not allowed to have anything remotely fun in our lives any more. Just because certain things have been proved ‘dangerous’ by ‘science’. If it feels so good then how can it possibly be wrong? And anyway, what’s the point in living if you’re not at perfect liberty to do something really quite stupid every now and again? Exactly.

But the big corporate bigwigs or the health and safety brigade or whoever it is in charge of these deeply uncool decisions have decreed that this must be so and we have no choice but to kowtow to their recommendations. Or do we? They’re hardly going to invade within the confines of your very own home to see whether or not you’re abiding by the rules set down by their petty little edict. And even if they do you can threaten violence until they back the hell off your property with surprisingly few repercussions. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

What’s so wrong with these beads anyway? How come they’re absolutely everywhere if they’re so toxic? It’s hardly as if the medical profession or similar have a history of backing bogus treatments or products without sufficient evidence of their efficacy (cough, cigarettes, hacking cough with a little bit of tar thrown in for good measure). Manufacturers too, no history of them popping in cheap materials or cutting corners in order to adequately service their bottom line.

So I think you’ll find it’s actually all completely fine. Keep your microbeads intact in your especial poison of choice be it your exfoliator or toothpaste or what have you. This is your chance to make your stand, to draw your very own line in the stand and defy the government to come and get you. Good luck with that and everything. I’m just off to tip several litres of bobbly gunk down the sink.


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