Rail Company Ready to Erupt

Okay, so we all know that lying is basically the worst. Even if it’s something you think of as essentially innocuous and constructive like assuring her that her bum really doesn’t look big in that you’re doing her precisely zero favours in the long run. This is why everyone’s so annoyed with Jeremy. He did a bad, no one’s trying to get away from that. It’s terrible news especially as he’s the very first of his breed (politicians) to be caught out in an untruth. And he had such promise.

While this particular instance of being unable to get a seat on the train happened to be not completely accurate it did have the ring of truth to it. Your average commuter train in the direction of the big city (now that could cover pretty much anywhere in the country while we all know I really mean London. I’ve all but shed my Midlands roots and schoolgirl awe of Birmingham) is rammed to the rafters with irate professionals who’ve a small fortune for the privilege of being there.

So the rail operators are naturally delighted to rip Mr Corbyn to pieces for having the sheer gumption to try and sell this lie to the general public. However, I cannot help but feel that this might just be a case of thou dost protest too much. There have been plenty of examples of overcrowded trains and just because this wasn’t right doesn’t mean that the operation in general is dong just dandy.

But people at the top of the transport company are getting ready to boil over with unvented rage. We need to watch out. Or do whatever we feel like in order to tip them over the edge. After all, childish tantrums from men in business suits are always hilarious. Apart from in this stage of the American election. Mostly.


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