Women Still Far Adrift on North Sea Oil Drilling

Bloody feminists, they clearly don’t have the slightest clue as to what actually want in life. All the rabbiting on they do about closing so-called unacceptable gender pay gaps and whatnot and yet they still expect to get all kinds of preferential treatment simply because they’ve managed to squirt a sproglet out of their magical downstairs thickets. Sometimes they’ll dare to go even further by demanding wage packets for time not even spent at the office to fund their jet setting baby oriented lifestyles.

But we’ve drifted away from our initial point. Much as I’m sure they wish we would do rather than driving straight to the very heart of the matter. Some ladies were offered a very lucrative deal indeed, very much on par with what a man might earn in a similar situation. And they turned it down almost as if they hadn’t taken the sufficient time to consider the truly excellent offer.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to go very far away from their nearest and dearest for months on end in order to spend time getting liquid dinosaurs out of the earth’s crust? It is after all a very sexy and glamorous career (which is why it’s appeared as subject matter so many times over the course of the Hollywood canon) with plentiful scope for progression. Why on earth would they be so downright hostile about getting involved?

So it’s not so hugely surprising that the interviewers weren’t totally on board with arranging return transportation. If the ladies in question were so concerned about spending time with their families they’d channel that enthusiasm into paddling their way back to them. It’s definitely not a complete scam in order to ship off troublesome females into the cold bosom of the North Sea. That’s definitely not what’s happening in this particular situation.

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