White Men Keep Control of Big Project Spending

The fact that we have quite so many female heads of state or in positions of power (Lizzie Two, Merkel, May, potentially, hopefully, please oh please – when you consider the alternative – actually Clinton, Oprah et cetera) is a sop. They have the potential of fooling us that we’re in a world where we’re not going to pay an inordinate amount of attention to the thoughts and feelings of white men aged approximately 29-41 or whatever.

They’re the big spenders, the large coagulated dairy products, the canines on top, what have you. Perhaps you’d rather go for a faintly ethnic vibe and refer to these Caucasian males as gargantuan enchiladas. Or we might need to find out the term by which they would prefer to be called. Given that they do in fact run the world in spite of what Beyoncé might have to say on the matter.

The reason why this is suddenly headline news (what, have you been living under a rock for the entire duration of humanity if you were surprised that the fellas were in control?) is that there was a coup. Not a well-publicised one to be fair but it was really rather well coordinated. Especially when you take into account the tiny nature of the lady brains involved. I’m quite surprised they didn’t faint into a heap and caused someone to need to brandish the smelling salts.

It was hardly as if the gals were trying to wrest the sum total of power in society away from the chaps. They had focused in on one specific big project. I can’t remember for the life of me what it was now, it could have been anything and everything from healthcare to education to the much berated tampon tax. And obviously, quite rightly, the men put a stop to that nonsense straight away. What if they’d managed to get their way on this one tiny matter? They’d never stop until they had equal pay and who knows what else? The horror.


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