May Rips Up Plans for Report on Bullying

And about time too. We can’t be dealing with any cry-babies or tattle-tales in government. If ministers insist on running to their mummies or Twitter every time someone calls them a name they’ll never get any running of the country done. I’m all for feeling safe in the workplace and that but surely they’ve all got their minds on higher things?

Then again, we’ve all seen the Thick of It. We’re all well aware just how much strong language comes into play over the course of a run of the mill political crisis. But you just expect them to get on with the matter in hand rather than worrying if someone is threatened by your tirade outlining the various aspects of their sheer inadequacy. You didn’t mean to throw a stapler at their head, it was all the heat of the moment and nothing more.

We all know why the Prime Minister has spearheaded the decision to not go ahead with the report on bullying. Everyone heard how Gordon Brown would throw the occasional strop and abuse staffers. Then there’s what David Cameron did to pigs. If making interns watch that sort of nonsense isn’t bullying then I’m not sure what is. But Theresa puts both of them in the shade. She has the cruel ingenuity of a teenager and the resources to make terrible things happen.

Obviously that’s completely untrue and simply the product of my fevered imagination. But if it was the case then who would speak out against her. To whom can you appeal when the person abusing you is the head of the nation? Does the Queen get a stack of complaint forms once a week that she has go through with the PM during their regular catch ups? Whatever the case happens to be we’re not likely to hear about it any time soon since the bullying report was sandbagged.


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