War Vultures Lost Out to Cheats

Once you’ve found something in life you’re actually rather good at it can be hard to turn away from it. Even if it turns out to be a thoroughly reprehensible activity and you find it rather hard to reconcile yourself to the nature of your really quite dubious talents. There are, after all, so very many other humans out there who are far better than you at almost everything else. Isn’t it worth being special at just about any cost?

So the war vultures, as they would come to be known, realised that rampant profiteering off the misery of others happened to be what floated their particular boat. There were various methods including supplying substandard boots and then offering to ‘practically giving away’ the deluxe version. For a perfectly fair fee. I’m sure you don’t need my help to think up other scams.

And then of course there are various flourishing side businesses. Stretches in various interesting colours, fashionable outfits for newly grieving widows, surprisingly inventive alternative prosthetics. You get the idea. However, these enterprising sorts have been completely overtaken by cheats, cheats I tell you. Folk who ought to be pulled down from their newly elevated positions and stripped of absolutely everything they hold dear. But, you know, not in a malicious way. Just because of karma or something along those lines.

They conned their way into such vaulted heights of honour. By using such empty and valueless buzz words as charity and social justice. Really, it’s kind of sickening and I’m becoming increasingly surprised that you’re not more incensed about this situation. I’m wondering a little about the strength of your character and whether or not you have it in you to become not entirely unlike those vultures I mentioned earlier. You look on all unfortunate situations and start thinking about how best you might exploit them for your own personal gain.


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