New Members Denied Holiday Rip-Offs

Time was (and by using the term time was, I am of course referring to examples I have encountered out there in the magical world of telly land) you went on holiday and just rolled with whatever happened. You might have had a crack about complaining about it to the relevant authorities once you were back to reality. But the main thing you made it out with was an excellent story that you could trot out whenever you felt like under the pretence protecting those around you.

Everything’s changed in the modern day though. Rather than selecting a holiday destination by spinning a globe or however they did things in the olden days, folk research the living daylights out of destinations thanks to the power of the internet. There’s no anticipation because you know precisely what’s going to happen. You can’t just plunge into the unknown anymore or if you do then everyone you know will sadly shake their heads at you and tell you how you ought to have done your homework.

And just think for a tiny moment about the holiday providers. How are they going to be able to earn a living in order to purchase diamond encrusted shoes for their numerous babies? By providing reasonably priced service and catering to every last whim of your guests? I don’t think so.

Even if they were to come up with some ingenious scam like charging extra for insurances or luring folk to a location that turns out to be somewhat less than was promised such gold mines won’t last. The word spreads fast thanks to the accursed connectivity of the modern world, just one of the horrors we’ve been introduced to because of technology. I mean, I think it’s excellent that Google maps means we know precisely what we’re in for. Plus Trip Advisor. Yay.


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