NHS Crisis Deepens as Paralysed Learn to Walk Again

You know how healthcare works in this so-called free country of ours. Sure, we don’t have to pay through the nose for healthcare at the point of receipt like some places I could mention (obviously you already know to where I am referring but it gets tiresome for every conversation to be dominated by what’s going on in America) but some remarkably shady shenanigans are definitely going down.

I’ll tell you for why. The bread and butter of the earning power of the national health service just so happens to be found in the goldmine of long term ailments. If they could have it their way then they’d have us all believing that we’re mildly ill for the rest of our unnatural born lives. Nothing at all to do with cancer or anything quite so serious. More like low level allergies, the occasional ache or maybe even the odd bout of asthma.

They hook you in with bold promises of being able to cure your every last medical worry. Once they’ve done so you realise far too late that they’ve actually just suckered you in to the point of dependency. So when medical miracles like one that happened just the other day occur boy do the healthcare bigwigs get ever so slightly panicked.

If the paralysed can just get up and walk then how will the physiotherapists continue to find gainful employment? People depend on inventing pointless gadgets for them to have some variety of empty hope. And those nurses, they long for the glamorous roles of being permitted to wipe up after those incapable of sufficiently controlling their bowels. What’s next? Sufferers waking up one day and realising that their heart disease has completely reversed itself? Rising up from the grave? Discovering that repetitive strain injury is nothing more than a massive con?


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