UK’s New Prison Drone Gang

It’s official, we’re full. The country is actually literally straining at the seams in case you hadn’t noticed. Those wide empty fields are something of an optical illusion and are in fact crammed with immigrants who couldn’t be arsed to fill in the necessary paperwork to come here legally. If they don’t even have the courtesy to queue then how can they ever hope to fit in here?

Such admissions to our population previously pure as the driven snow are always bound to create problems. Anyone who wasn’t born on these shores to good honest God fearing folk is, of course, scum. That’s not my opinion, it’s been scientifically proven to people who reject the term fascist and think it’s something of a shame that eugenics has fallen out of fashion. You know, in spite of the fact that they’re quite clearly the ones who definitely shouldn’t ever reproduce. But semantics aside (in other words, I’m going to halt this track of thought because I really don’t want to ever think this).

So it’s hardly surprising that our prison population has sky rocketed. There’s nowhere to put wrongdoers, especially as shipping them off to the colonies is no longer an option. Which is why some bright spark donned their thinking cap and came up with this dream of a notion. After the undeniable success of hover boards why not naturally move on to hover prisons?

Just imagine, flying prisoners riding around on drones. They definitely wouldn’t immediately become our overlords and form gangs of terror raining down from the sky. There would be no choice open to them but to go where they are bid for the duration of their sentence and eventually return to normal life sufficiently chastened that they’ll never misbehave again. And no one else will be tempted to commit crime so that they can join the sky fleet.


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