New Wave of Strikes to Start Mobile Revolution

You thought it had already started hadn’t you? Go on admit it, we use our phones to communicate with remote loved ones, to broadcast the visually appealing calories we consume, to hunt Pokémon, to shop, to bank, to document every single moment of our waking (and sleeping) lives, you reckoned that there was absolutely nowhere left for the technology to go. Well, not for the first time, you are sadly mistaken. There are one or two options out there for how things can go from here on out.

One road not yet taken would naturally be the textpocalypse (as opposed to the run of the mill textastrophes people encounter on especially worrying days. Or textmergencies if you insist on adhering to that suggestion). The technology we have fizzes and ferments until it explodes in a showering fountain of hardware fragments. Rather than stressing or even contemplating the notion of rebuilding we’ll dust off our stylus fingertips and sashay off into a screenless future.

An entirely different alternative is that the mobiles go even further than we might currently be altogether comfortable with. I’m sure you’re aware of this sort of thing if you watch cartoons or sci fi, devices being jammed through eye sockets into brains and whatnot. Google glasses were merely ahead of their time and before long we’ll wonder how we ever managed to survive in an unaugmented reality.

But how are strikes going to brink this flavour of existence about? Oh wouldn’t you like to know? I bet you’d find it all sorts of interesting. It might even get to the point of blowing your tiny mind. Sorry, that’s privileged information I can’t divulge at this point of time. I probably shouldn’t have alluded to my jaunt into the future at all. Forget I ever said anything. Go play with your phone.


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