How To… Take a Ride on Tricey

Be truly honest with yourself at this moment in time. Gaze deep into those dark and nasty recesses of your mind and tell me that you wouldn’t be the most excited you’ve ever been in the whole entirety of your life if you were granted the chance to hop on the back of an until recently extinct dinosaur. Exactly, you can’t say so truthfully. In which case we need to sew our thinking caps together in order to make this pipe dream happen for you.

Forgive me if I start borrowing heavily from the plot of Jurassic Park (in my defence, I’ve never actually seen the film so couldn’t possibly start shamelessly ripping it off) but you’ll need to crack out every last evolutionary biologist hack trick and tool in the box to try and pull this one off. Dig up hitherto unknown chunks of amber containing that all important creamy dinosaur nougat centre.

While you’re at it you might as well have a crack at inventing time travel too. And start wishing on stars, at wells and all that manner and variety of malarkey. Although, while you should never let your ambitions go you might also need to be able to recognise when you’re beaten by the harshness of reality. You can always start harnessing that rampant imagination of yours that’s usually getting you into so much trouble.

Just picture that glorious triceratops standing right in front of you. It’s practically beckoning you, waggling its hips invitingly like some sort of wanton horsey. Swing a leg over and jump upwards. Do try and find something to hold onto, possibly a horn or your very own homemade reins you definitely didn’t spend a very long time crafting as you’ve been envisioning this moment ever since you heard your very first offerings of praise to Captain Dinosaur.

Take a ride on Tricey – Murray Gold

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