How To… Remember Where You are

As yet more news floods in that I definitely don’t want to hear and I find myself gearing up for what’s promising to be the busiest month of my life (I’m well aware it’s already started and I probably ought to have prepared myself for it sooner or at the very least tried to schedule matters more effectively. But I didn’t, so sue me. I’m definitely not incredibly tired if that’s what you were suspecting. That wasn’t a yawn, I’m just resting my eyes) it’s time to shy away from anything serious. Review time!

Sequels have to negotiate a tricky line. Sure, they’re already stacked with characters we’ve previously taken the time to invest in and grown to love but they also have to work harder to justify their own existence. Lest they wish for folk to suspect that it’s only been made for the guaranteed ticket sales (not pointing any fingers at certain transformatic or swift and angry franchises of course).

All that being taken into account, I love Finding Dory. From the heart-warming teeny tiny child Dory to the grumpy septapus who (spoiler alert) drives a truck into the ocean. If such a creature with little formal training can operate a vehicle with an amnesiac fish to serve as navigator then surely I can prove I can operate a car relatively safely for less than an hour?

Anyhow, there are characters old and new, settings familiar and fresh and a storyline that does feel faintly reminiscent of what has gone before but I was more than inclined to forgive it. Don’t tell me that your heart strings weren’t tugged all over the place by those shells. The animated fictional children’s film can assure us that there’s hope for us all no matter how terrible our short term memories are. Even if I’ve just forgotten to tell you absolutely anything about how to remember where you are. Just keep swimming. Or something.

Remember where you are – Oceansize


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