How To… Get the Party Started

Look at me, I’m quite clearly the most down with it raging party animal the world has ever known. Luckily for you, I’m willing to share a little bit of my knowledge. After all, there are only so many parties a glittering socialite such as myself can even attend let alone throw. It’s only right that I give something back to the community that adores me so.

As everyone knows, the key to any successful social gathering is dip. Well, food of all kinds really but one must be able to pull things together with an excellent dip such as sour cream and chive or possibly even hummus if you’re feeling especially adventurous. For those pretending to be adults you’ll need achingly well prepared shreds of carrots and assorted greenery. The rest of us can content ourselves with a selection of Doritos and a very thin veneer of sophistication.

Of course one thing you’ll very definitely have to ensure is a kaleidoscope of personalities when it comes to your guest list. There’s nothing duller than a room of very similar people with nothing left to talk about. Make sure you toss in a few surprises and hang back to observe the carnage. I mean interesting social interactions. Invite that friend you often avoid for their outlandish opinions and set them off by mentioning immigrants. Or the moon landings.

Provide booze in abundance. Lay out a tray of party hats regardless of the occasion. I mean, nothing sets off a wake like a fluorescent cowboy hat. Don’t have a dress code per se but do feel free to make a range of suggestions to your guests. When else are you going to see someone looking uncomfortable in jeans conversing with a stunning lady in a full length ball gown and a six foot penguin? Precisely. Get that party off to a flying start.

Get the party started – P!nk


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