How To… Paint the Town Green

Look, everyone else who’s a hell of a lot cooler has already sashayed their way through with paint in a multitude of red tones. No one’s going to notice for a minute if you sally forth and timidly daub a spot of burgundy here or a fleck of maroon there. Why not try and do something a bit different? Of course you want people to sit up and take notice, that’s pretty much the whole entire point.

Naturally, green has its own connotations. Those bent on leaving the world a greener place tend to be those tree hugger types with terribly interesting and not remotely pungent odours hanging about them. You could have a crack at painting the town green by stapling eco-friendly slogans here there and everywhere but someone or other will surely have a go at you for wasting paper or using environment savaging ink.

No, that very clearly won’t do. Anyway, you’d hardly want to be so very in your face about it. Folk out there painting the town red aren’t remotely fussed about the rampant judgement of strangers they don’t even know. They’re far too busy having fun to be bothered with that particular variety of nonsense. Not that I’m trying to say for even the briefest moment that you’re a self conscious nervous wreck of a yellow belly who’d quiver in their boots at the merest hint of controversy.

Let’s take things in another direction altogether. We live in a world with a somewhat limited colour palette. Well, I suppose more accurately we are creatures with limited visual capabilities. Anyhow, there are only so many colours and as such green has more than one meaning. Envy. Get out there in such a fabulous fashion that the rest of the crowd will have no choice but to look on you with jealousy running rampant through their hearts for they no they will never scale such fantastic heights.

Paint the town green  – The Script


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