How To… Take Your Carriage Clock and Shove It

Have I ever mentioned that I work in recruitment? It’s probably definitely come up at some point not least because, as we all know rather well, we’re very much defined by what we do for a living. For the rest of our natural born lives. Anyway, it’s more of a tangential factor brought up merely to provide something of a segue into today’s fascinating topic. I’ve done the straight laced supposedly helpful advice side of how to leave a job but now it’s time and past to walk on the wild side (apart from the fact that I’m relatively sure I’ve done that one before but cannot find the will within me to check).

There’s a time to behave with grace and decorum but I think we both know that this isn’t it. They’ve worked your good will to the bone and left you a shell of your former self, hacked off and bitter about the unfair treatment the world has felt necessary to dole out to you. A moment in your life has come for you to let your oppressors precisely what you think of them.

To hell with the charred remains of the burned bridges you’ll be leaving behind you. You’re way above whatever opinion those losers might have of you, no one’s going to pay attention to what any of them have to say. How would anyone interested be able to contact them in the first place?

Chuck anything they give you as a farewell present directly in the bin. Even if it was something terribly thoughtful that you were thinking of maybe getting for yourself anyway. Tell them loudly and in no uncertain terms precisely where they can shove it. You definitely and absolutely won’t regret your actions, I promise you that. Then settle into the glow of knowing that you finally stood up for yourself, totally worth it.

Take your carriage clock and shove it – Belle & Sebastian


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