How To… Die a Happy Man

I really wouldn’t say that I have much of an agenda. Sure, I’m incredibly opinionated and I’d be more than happy to share them with anyone who’s remotely interested at the drop of a hat. However, I’d hate to start thinking of myself as someone who’d push onto others their particular position on specific issues and even worse make them feel badly for not agreeing. That said, if you vindicated in giving transgender people a hard time in life there’s probably something going wrong with you deep down inside.

Anyway, sunny and strong person that you are if you happened to not be born a man in the conventional sense I’m certain it’s a hurdle you can overcome should you want to die a happy man. For death to reach you with a smile on your lips you’re probably going to want to consider your goals in life and what it might take you to achieve supreme satisfaction over the course of your days.

Men or women in plentiful supply for incredibly energetic sex? A bounty of drugs and booze for that rock and roll lifestyle you crave? Glorious works in your name building a legacy that will be handed down from one adoring generation to the next? Hundreds of fat rosy cheeked children looking up at you with respectful eyes? Or venturing into scientific or philosophical regions as yet unknown?

Once you know what would bring you felicity you can devote every waking moment to it. Of course this way of living your life does mean that the very instance you get to your goal you’ll have to lapse into a blissful everlasting sleep. Otherwise you’ll be forced to slavishly move onto the next thing you reckon will make you happy because the moment will have passed. You almost definitely can’t spend your whole life in bed with someone gorgeous you’re attracted to. Just think of the bed sores.

Die a happy man – Thomas Rhett


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