How To… Lock Your Door

We’re seriously possessive. People seem to be so very often motivated to collect together a bunch of stuff and proclaim that it belongs to them rather than absolutely anyone else. They wanted it, lusted after it, earned it outright and you can’t have any of it so there. But I guess that it’s a relatively natural reaction to the uncertainty this world is so keen to offer up whether you like it or not. Many people opt for the not in that situation.

So once you’ve managed to get your greedy mitts on your very own spread of material goods you’re likely to want to prevent others from being able to take any of it away from you. Believe it or not you can achieve this by locking your door. Provided you aren’t the sort to hand out spare keys willy nilly or given to hiding an extra emergency one under an amazingly fake looking rock for just about anyone to find.

But locking your door can be a difficult or scary process. What if someone has need of you and you’re suddenly secreted away behind an impassable barrier? Or how about the terrible consequences of being alone and unreachable when you accidentally slice off your own thumb or need someone to come and deal with a spider for you? Well, get over it, you need to protect your various bits of precious from the bad men and women who are coming to take your just desserts away.

You can take a moment or seven for a few deep breaths. Hold it together and plunge forth with your key. Get it in that purpose built hole and just give the shaft a twirl. We’ve taken an unfortunate turn. Make sure you turn it the correct way and not the wrong because that’s how you get a key snapped off in the lock and feel the need to look up how to lock your own front door like some sort of chump.

Lock your door – Bob Dylan


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