How To… Work From Home

As a recruiter (don’t boo and hiss please, it’s insulting. I’m sure you’ve done unfortunate things in your time just to pay the rent. If you tell us firmly to go away we will for at least a little while. We may even write some halfway to witty notes about you on our databases) I can tell you that home working is pretty damn in demand. There are daydreams a plenty regarding rolling out of bed and staying firmly entrenched in one’s bunny pyjamas while getting all your important shit done for the day.

When you’ve done maybe a solid fifteen minutes or so of studious emailing you can then flip over to some very vital Netflix viewage with some light googling if you’re in a particularly diligent mood. No one would have any way of knowing one way or the other that you’re not cracking on with the plethora of projects you’re deeply committed to.

Of course it doesn’t work that way in practice but it’s always good to have hopes. There will always be many and more ways to keep tabs on your productivity from afar. It doesn’t mean you can’t keep ahead of the curve. It might take a little inventiveness or creativity but you’re perfectly capable of working the system.

For example, outsourcing. You could pay someone over on the other side of the world to do your tippity tapping or whatever for you and pass it off as your own work. Or take advantage of not having to be in the office by getting stuff done whenever you please be it the dead of night or whenever you happen to be sober. I don’t really know what’s best but do make sure that you take full advantage of avoiding the rush hour, maybe get some popcorn or something.

Work from home – Fifth Harmony


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