How To… Write About Love

Ah love, subject of a thousand euphemisms and misunderstandings. It’s what everyone yearns for when they lack it and regret when they lose it. Apart from sociopaths of course. As far as I’m aware they’re not too fussed one way or the other. If you’re going to start writing about love then you’ll need to think quite seriously regarding how you’ll be going about it.

Will it be a rip roaring searing expose into the steamy underbelly of modern relationships? Are you going to have to anonymise your various lovers so they don’t get wind of just how many you’re carrying on with at one time and don’t get too annoyed when you describe the faces they make during the glorious act of passion? Is it going to have a more advisory bent? If so you’ll have to make sure you’ve got some heavyweight credentials in place or other people will start thinking that you’re talking about one of your more secretive orifices and start despising you for having the presumption for telling them how to live their lives.

Maybe you’ve never experienced love and writing about what you hope for it is what floats your boat. Dreaming and wishing and hoping concerning what love might look like can be agonising to hear about so try your very best not to go into overly excruciating detail. Plenty of interesting stories rooted purely in fiction might come out of it though.

If you’re serious about placing your heart squarely outside your body for the rest of the world to eyeball and judge then try to consider what you have to say that’s original. Shakespeare’s got you sorted when it comes to sappy poetry and the greatest classicists have covered off most of the rest of it between them. What’s so special about your love that you want to start spouting off about it for all and sundry? Maybe try something sci-fi instead.

Write about love – Belle and Sebastian


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