How To… Tell Me Something Good

I try to stay positive. One wouldn’t want to crumble under the pressure. Even so, it’s hard to discount absolutely everything you hear. News outlets of all varieties are keen to spell out the doom and gloom in terms that dummies like me are able to comprehend. The economy’s in the toilet, there’s no strong leadership and the way things are going the odds are increasingly in favour of the sun exploding and putting all of us out of our misery.

So it’s time and past for us to hear about something good. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly groundbreaking or significant. You don’t have to turn around and let the whole world know that cold fusion has been replicated or universal suffrage has been granted all over the globe. We’re not holding out for the news that wars have ended or that we finally have some firm and moral leadership in this little island that has suddenly reconciled itself to the fact that being part of a union is a lot better than being out of it.

Tell me that my loved ones are safe and well. Let me know that I have a future that hasn’t spiralled into entirely irreparable control. Inform me that the next President of the Unites States isn’t going to be a ridiculous buffoon of epic proportions with an orange face and surprisingly tiny hands.

Failing that, we could always discuss stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with my day to day life. Stay away from the politics or technology and whatnot. Keep things strictly to the animal kingdom. Fluffy bunny rabbits that are going to town on a shred of juicy lettuce. Tiny ducklings that are busy emerging into the world (you know, the one they don’t know is an incredibly scary place). Tell me that I can have a dog.

Tell me something good – Rufus

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