How to… Crawl Away From the Wreckage

It’s all well and good to have all sorts of contingency plans in place to figure out ways to avert oncoming trouble but you also have to work out precisely how you’ll handle things when you find yourself slap bang in the middle of a crisis. More than that, once the events have completely overtaken your mediocre planning abilities and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to even attempt to salvage anything how are you going to cope?

You very much need to get out of scrapes not only alive but also free and clear of any rounds of recriminations or the blame game that we do all so love to play. It’s fine, we’ll take this one step at a time, hand over hand or whatever stumpy limbs you still have available to you. Just go, as fast as your little nubs can stand to carry you.

I’m sure you’ll have heard the old adage before about leaving no man behind. If you’re gullible enough to fall for that then perhaps we’ll also be able to convince you that the captain really definitely ought to go down with the ship rather than hopping aboard a convenient lifeboat and leaving his hapless passengers and crewmates to their inevitable doom. Getting out of whatever it is in one piece will have to take precedence I’m afraid so don’t look back as any co-conspirators get the boot for what you’ve done.

Determination is key. As much as a single second of doubt or hesitation is enough to scupper your chances of getting out unscathed. Or maybe I haven’t been quite honest with you, it’s perfectly possible that I’ve been stringing you along for long enough that I can get away scot free and land you in it for whatever misdeed I’ve just this moment committed. Later sucker.

Crawl away from the wreckage – Engineers

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