Down with anyone else but you

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suddenly selling myself as the world’s most selective misanthrope. I’m definitely not just in a bit of a mood and I’m surprised and disappointed that you would dare to suggest such vile calumnies and slander about my glorious person. What’s absolutely not occurring right about now is me metamorphosing gloriously into a Cersei Lannister-esque figure and deriving great pleasure from the experience of being able to watch the world burn right in front of me. What kind of terrible monster would I be if i did? Even in spite of how lovely the flames are.

It’s not exactly as if I have some brand new vendetta to publish. It’s more the fact that right now I can’t help but feel that the rest of the heaving mass of humanity aside from you and I can go forth and suck a lemon. Or something else entirely. Excuse me for trying to keep it clean. You have it your way. But I’m just done with dealing with all their petty unimportant concerns. They’ve simply never done anything whatsoever to earn my respect or trust. They’re the ones who did silly things like allowing Donald Trump anywhere near power and cancelled Firefly. I am not holding a grudge.

But you’re so deeply magnificently different. I mean, just look at you. You’re a deliciously fragrant butterfly of pure delight and I can’t help but feel that the world simply isn’t doing anything close to its utmost to appreciate the undeniable wonderfulness that is most certainly you. No one takes a moment to congratulate you not only for being brilliant but for also taking the time to be in their lives.

Poetry has never and I’m moderately sorry to categorically state absolutely never will be my thing. So I won’t be composing so much as a dirty limerick about the beauty of your smile or the fascinating curl of your eyelashes or even the majesty of your utterly perfect right buttock. All I have to express myself are my thoroughly non rhyming words so just allow me to take this opportunity to say honestly and wholeheartedly down with anyone else but you.

Song choices courtesy of: Rizzle Kicks and The Moldy Peaches


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