Strong Enough Team Building Easier Without You

Everyone’s got excellent team working skills. Even if they’ve been raised as part of an isolationist experiment and never had actual human contact with another living soul it will say somewhere on their CV about how fabulous they are operating as part of a group. For social animals such as we it’s entirely desirable for someone to be good at rubbing along with others. That came out wrong. You know what I’m trying to say. Work with me here.

But sometimes, just occasionally mind you, I’m not for one moment suggesting that this has become anything remotely resembling a regular occurrence, we find that we’re not quite performing as the diligent little cog we ought to be. You know how it is, someone else in the team starts grating away at your nerves and it’s not all too long before you start planning their death in increasingly gruesome ways. Just me? Yeah right.

Once you’ve convinced yourself of the fact that the rest of the team is staffed by lazy incompetent halfwits who don’t deserve the positions of authority they’ve inconceivably been awarded it’s really rather difficult to get out of that mind-set. Some will deal with this latent anger by churning out the most incredible output the world has ever seen just to show the others up. But very few.

The rest will keep stewing away until an inevitable eruption showers the rest of the hapless unit in resentful lava. Not speaking from prior experience or anything. Shortly afterwards the rest of your colleagues will disappear for a vital meeting. They’ll come back not at all stinking from alcohol thanks to the several cocktails they’ve recently imbibed. It’s a clear example that every now and then you’ll have to take one for the team and let them unite by giving them someone to gossip about mercilessly.

Song choices courtesy of: Evan Olsen, Michael Giacchino, Aqualung and Journey


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