Free Fallin’ Expectations

This is why I decided to stop writing about the headlines for just a little while. It’s all so incredibly depressing and I’m starting to get the feeling that my marvellously insightful whining is having absolutely no effect whatsoever. Call it a hunch if you will. But it’s been a downright bat crap crazy couple of weeks and I really want to take a moment or two to try and understand precisely what people were thinking.

Sure, it’s easy to get swept away by grandstanding and hopelessly smooth men promising you everything you wanted to hear. But how did it feel when certain pledges crumpled into nothingness in double quick time and it became rapidly apparent that there wasn’t anything even remotely resembling the very bare bones of a plan regarding how to move forward. Seriously, why was this choice ever put in front of us in the first place. It shouldn’t take just one bad turn for everything to get screwed up so very speedily.

Do the people who voted to leave feel good about their decision? Are they comfy with the spatterings of ill will that have come about? Do they rejoice in the brisk all change in the government and opposition? Does it meet with universal satisfaction to learn that this is all it takes to rain down hellfire and destruction of unsuspecting citizens? Or maybe I’m exaggerating things just a step too far because I hate being disagreed with.

In all (well, most) seriousness, I would like to know what people think about what’s happening and how transpiring events make them feel about how they voted. Not that I want to lord it over anyone who’s regretting an out ballot apart from a very tiny bit. Of course I could try and be a little more understanding or do something vaguely constructive but I prefer to wallow in the sheer misery of it all instead.

Song choices courtesy of: Tom Petty and Belle and Sebastian


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