Postcards From the Top of World

It’s a changing world. Technology moves on and communication goes with it. Electrical messages zip back and forth letting us know everything and more about bogus penis enlargement and how much money you can get back on purchase you never made and insurances you never took out. Not that I’m ringing the bell of backwards progress. How would you exist if you could access my daily thought dump? It’s an existence barely worth contemplating.

I’m sure I had a point somewhere that I definitely meant to pursue but just consider how various gadgets have revolutionised the various ways we interact with one another. And yet we still send postcards. Beautiful little snapshots of a bygone era that hasn’t completely gone away. You sit and painstakingly fill out a small rectangle of possibility. On the back it has a charming view of the place you happen to be visiting. It’s a jovial message suitable for the eyes of the public (given that absolutely everyone who picks up such an item will have no choice but to see what it says).

Whether you post it at the beginning or end of the holiday you’ll be racing it home. The strange ways of the postal system means that your plucky little postcard will embark on a greater adventure than you can possibly imagine. While you’re herded into cramped quarters aboard a metal bird that will take to the skies and bear you home your postcard’s experience is only just beginning.

Round the world at back it goes unto the very top (postal myths vary. There are those that claim for the post to demonstrate its worthiness it much journey to the pole, others insist that the top of the world is found at the peak of the highest mountain. Then there’s a whole other debate as to whether that’s freestanding or not. You can image the fun debates they have). And then it must find its way to your recipient in order to regale them with tales of the fun you had in wherever it was you went.

Song choices courtesy of: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Imagine Dragons


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