She Moves in Her Own Spaceman, Captain and the Hourglass

Don’t you hate it when some sparky new young thing sweeps their way into a position of authority and insists on ordering absolutely everything their own way? Such types have no respect whatsoever for the glorious sanctity of things the way they were. As agents of chaos, the changes they bring are more wide reaching than you could have possibly expected. You wish that your circumstances to revert to the wonderful old ways but once entropy has forced its way onto the field it’s next to impossible to wrest it back into its bottle.

Take this completely real example as proof if you don’t believe me. A certain company, organisation or even party (it wouldn’t do to give you too many explicit details, you might work to what I am referring and then we’ll all be in trouble. I might have even altered one or two key facts in order to get you off the scent of the real story) chose to bring in a newly minted manager rather than promoting from within.

Rather than adapting to the status quo as all good little worker bees should she wreaked havoc in the name of environment optimisation or whatever. She should have been able to respect the talent available to her in the existing pool of workforce she had access to. But no, she couldn’t cope with the NASA trained individuals and brought in her own rogue astronaut who’d never even been to space.

And that damn hourglass. What was wrong with the delicate system of timesheets and whatnot? Rather than clocking in and out whenever they wanted everyone now has to bow to the tide of shifting sands. The less said about the captain the better really, what with his wandering hands and terrible sense of humour. New really isn’t always better no matter what anyone might be trying to convince you of at the moment.

Song choices courtesy of: The Kinks, The Killers and Laura Marling


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