One Day the Revolution Will Be Ironic

Maybe ironic isn’t quite the right word to describe this particular set of events that will definitely take place in a future not so very far away from where we are at this moment in time. I’ll let you judge for yourself and run you through it. After which I don’t especially want to hear back regarding your thoughts about it. It’s time and past I let you think on your own, my little ducklings.

Consider where we are right now. The British public turned out to the polls last week and made a decision its now not entirely certain that it did in fact want to make. The major political parties have spun into all manner of panicky trouble, before too much longer we may well find ourselves saddled with yet another unelected figurehead in a prominent position of power. There’s no credible opposition and tiny splinter factions with loud voices and not all that much to say are getting far more attention than they deserve.

A little while down the line we’ll see the consequences of unshackling our grand old nation from the infected teat of Brussels or whatever rhetoric’s been spouted lately. Brand spanking new figures of authority will have been installed and effects will have been well and truly felt. A seed of an idea will have only just been planted. It will land on fertile soil and grow slowly but surely until one day it will blossom into a full blown revolution.

The people will rise up. The malcontents and the outcasts joined by students and radical thinkers. They’ll be joined by folks of all kinds until they form an irresistible mass. Their demands? Take away their liberty, their choices. They will insist that the vote be taken away. Some lovable figurehead, Stephen Fry perhaps, will be who they want to put in charge in order to make the difficult choices. Someone else to blame, someone else to decide how it all should be. Aren’t you looking forward to it?

Song choices courtesy of: Elbow, Grace Petrie and Alanis Morisette

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