It’s Not About Foreign Contaminant

Or it really shouldn’t be at the very least. There were plenty of people who took the time to weigh up the relative merits of each eventuality, made their decision and were mentally secure enough to stick with their convictions. There were also those who thought they’d take the opportunity to stick it to the man whilst relying on others to do the right thing for them. I’m sure they feel so happy that it all worked out.

But there’s a minority of the majority who feel that their views are suddenly vindicated by this unexpected result. A wave of nastiness has surged forth. Maybe it would have happened anyway or perhaps we’ve unleashed a drowsing monster revelling in its newfound freedom. People have let loose with xenophobic comments demonstrating their lack of understanding regarding the decision the country’s made. It was never about putting people on boats, trains or planes to send them ‘back where they came from.’

It was a horribly effective tack for the Leave campaign to employ. You only have to look back to the previous century to find all manner of terrifying examples of the consequences of using ethnically motivated methods of scapegoat branding. How dare those dirty foreigners presume to breathe the same air as we gloriously British, we blessed folk who are at long last poised to take hold of our just desserts?

Never mind the fact that there’s no such thing as historically authentically British. We actually used to get invaded all the time with force and pointy objects. They never had to apply for visas or make their way through customs. Our language, culture and history are a melting pot of a whole mess of other cultures. If you can’t muster the grace to welcome another member of the human race based solely on the colour of their skin or where their parents’ genitals met then you don’t deserve a say in the decision. You might be disappointed in the results of this referendum if all you based your choice on was immigration.

Song choices courtesy of: Scouting for Girls and Thomas Newman


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