A Thousand Things That I Have Done Forever

Habits once formed can be extremely difficult to break. You start out thinking that it’s something completely and utterly innocent and innocuous. Of course you might know that it’s something less than brilliant but the lure is too great anyway. Or you’re simply the sort of person who matters all manner of self restraint. Definitely not talking about me there, obviously not.

Whether it’s nose picking, elbow licking, cigarette smoking or something I can twist into a brutal facsimile of a rhyme we’re all subject to habits we very much wish we weren’t. Of course you might think of your little quirks as something rather kooky and adorable but I’m fairly certain it won’t take you too long to find someone who’ll tell you in blistering detail the precise ways you manage to drive them up the wall on an incredibly regular basis.

How can you divorce yourself from these behaviours once they’ve managed to become ingrained in your psyche? Is it possible or even desirable to train yourself out of them? Indeed, if this is a world you have to distinctly change who you are in order to fit in with then is it somewhere you’re really fussed about existing in? Once you come up with a suitable alternative I’m sure we can look at drawing up other plans but for the time being let go ahead and fix you.

One thing you can have a go at is to inspiring an unfortunate habit in someone else. Confide in them about the habit you wish to change and get them to correct you every time you weaken. Or cause you some variety of pain. Eventually you’ll find that you’ll go to surprising lengths in order to avoid people getting up in your faces and letting you know you’re not coming up to scratch. So what if you have a penchant for nostril mining, who’s it hurting?

Song choices courtesy of: Christina Perri, The Killers and Vertical Horizon


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