We Almost Had a Riddle Falcon

Not wanting to be the sort of person who brags about her relationship or anything like that (sure, it’s hardly as if I’ve had all that much to write home about previously but let’s not let semantics come between buddies like us) but I think you can pretty sure it’s love when you’ve reached the point of being able to talk comfortably about the hypothetical pets you’ll definitely own one day. But don’t quote me on that, it’s hardly as if I’m touting myself as some sort of expert.

To be sure, I’ve not yet introduced the riddle falcon into the general conversation but I’m working up to it. We’re already signed up for an otter that will very merrily splash about in the bath. In the garden you’ll be able to find the little donkey so very well cared for it will practically radiate contentedness as opposed to that heartbreakingly mournful aura they usually project. I also may or may not be warming to the idea of a house horse.

So what precisely is a riddle falcon then? What qualities does it possess that separates it from your normal common or garden falcon? Is it a bird smug with its own cleverness having read up on its Egyptian mythology and made the decision to model itself on the noble Sphinx? Perhaps they’re a remnant of a bygone era when wizards employed them to guard the entrances to their secret workshops.

Why would I even want one? Just take a moment or two to think about that question. Would you really not be interested in an ornithological companion who’d periodically pose interesting questions? Maybe you have a point though and there are more exciting pets out there. A dragon, of course I want a dragon to scorch the streets of King’s Landing and keep me warm at night. Or a dog. I’d really like a dog.

Song choices courtesy of: Emmy the Great, Five for Fighting and John Williams


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