Chasing Down What I Wanted

Part of the whole reason I embarked on a brand new format was to avoid the relentless Brexit onslaught that was bound to come as part and parcel of the news all throughout the month of June. I was sick of the endless self-serving politicking and not much has changed even though the vote’s over. But obviously I have to take a moment or two to record what’s occurred as it’s a momentous and terrifying point in our collective history. Perhaps the most sickening thing of all is the amount of screen time that ‘braying donkey’ Nigel Farage has been granted.

I didn’t want any of this. I didn’t want us to pull away from the least bad of the few options open to us. I didn’t want people to make snap judgements based on inflaming arguments with little to no basis in fact (the infamous £350 million claim is spurious to say the least and has obviously already been retracted once interested parties got their way). I didn’t especially want Cameron to resign, he’s a far better alternative to Prime Minister Boris (an eventually I want to happen about as much as President Trump – seriously, how possible would it be to go and live on the moon).

So, heart sore and weary as I am, what do I do with the proof that the British public seriously cannot be trusted with democracy anymore? After the last General Election I learned to live with a decision that was so counter to my own opinions. But this is so different, so unfortunately irreversible. I could try to suck it up and move on. I could contemplate going to live in Scotland. There’s another option of course, I could go to the British public with my very well thought out solution that will no doubt satisfy absolutely everyone. How about best of three?

Song choices courtesy of: Michael Giacchino and Evan Olson


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