Emmet’s Lying to Laura

Lies are interesting. Sometimes you’ll concoct something that was initially so innocent and well meant. That you couldn’t come to their interminable birthday party because you were washing your hair or their arse definitely didn’t look so incredibly fat you were surprised it could fit through the door frame. Then it spins completely out of control to the point that the relationship will never be repaired.

Clearly, untruths aren’t always meant with malice of forethought. I’m perfectly prepared to bet that you’ve come up with one or two in your time. So when you see one being perpetrated on someone you care about the way forward isn’t always certain. When I tell you that Emmet’s lying to Laura what’s really going on and how on earth should we deal with the situation?

What’s Emmet trying to get out of proceedings? Is he exaggerating his own prowess and personal fortune in the hope that he’ll trick the poor girl into bed so that he can have his wicked way with her? I’m fairly sure that such events only occur within the confines of telenovelas so we’re probably safe.

But is he gunning for some other ruination? Divesting her of funds or resources as opposed to her strictly guarded virtue? Is he proposing some sort of twisted deal than will benefit him in all sorts of ways? Or is it all some great trick to make her seem foolish in front of all her peers and relations? Why on earth would Emmet behave in such a cruel fashion to poor, sweet Laura?

Maybe it’s none of our business what goes on between two consenting adults. Emmet isn’t honour bound to tell the truth at all times, he hasn’t sworn any oaths on bibles or anything of the sort, get off his back. Sure, Emmet’s lying to Laura but can’t you leave the boy alone?

Song choices courtesy of: Mark Mothersbaugh, Laura Aplin and Bastille


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