Open Your Happy Terror Basement

Whoever heard of anything remotely good happening in a basement? In the best case scenario you can hide out from apocalyptic things going on in the wider world above. But how often do tornadoes or or axe wielding maniacs or hordes of zombies come by outside the confines of television? There’s really nothing for you to hide out from so something else would have to compel you to disappear away underneath your dwelling.

We’re all too aware what’s utterly terrifying about basements. They’ve had starring roles in all the horror movies. They’re dark and dank, famed for being riddled with damp and outdated electronic junk no one’s interested in using any more. Just picture the types famed for living in basements, deprived of natural light and social interaction they struggle to reintegrate into normal society whenever they go out into the normal world for food and the latest comic books they just have to have. Not that we’re resorting to cheap stereotypes here or anything.

But while we’ve all realised that your basement is one of the most terrifying things a modern person can be confronted with it’s also a happy place. It’s your refuge from the pressures of our hectic society, no one can reach you there and just think of the wonders inside. All of the tempting treats that if anyone knew about they’d be really terribly keen to get inside.

I mean, we probably shouldn’t go into it right now because impressionable types might be reading this. Then you might garner the attention of the authorities who’d accuse you of luring people into said abode. However, there’s sweets of all kinds down there as well as that really good chocolate people enjoy but never seem to be able to find in the shops. And lots of films that have inexplicably been taken down from Netflix. And a puppy. No wonder people seem to be so keen to enter the horror zone.

Song choices courtesy of: Snow Patrol, Take That, Laura Marling and Michael Giacchino


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