I Feel Your Winds of Summer

That title gets more unsettling with each subsequent word until you get to summer. Maybe it’s just my wrong little head but I’m not sure anyone out there’s overly enthused about me feeling their wind. Think of it as more aspirational, I’m essentially trying to butter you up but I’m not going to ruin things by being presumptuous and going on about being able to detect anything in the realm of love for me.

So why the winds of summer? Well, heartbroken A Song of Ice and Fire fans (you know, book readers as opposed to show watchers of Game of Thrones who are probably enjoying the fact that their favoured media has overtaken the other) the world over are terribly aware of the fact that the Winds of Winter quite certainly won’t be coming to a bookstore near them any time soon. And we’re heading inexorably into summer anyway, why fight it?

Oh I’ll tell you for why. It’s a hot and sticky time of year that I really can’t be putting up with in silence. My angry and incredibly effective protests will eventually morph into anguished moans as I melt away into little more than a puddle of steaming insides (not the prettiest picture I know but imagine me as a sweaty crosspatch and the pile of goop imagery becomes that much more palatable). After this point the power of speech may well be somewhat beyond me but just think of the angry expressions I’ll be cranking out.

As far as I’m concerned, and the world really ought to be making more allowances in my favour, summer should involve a lot more wind. Gentle breezes caressing poor acres of sunburnt flesh and gusts to chase the misery of the mugginess away. Keep the sunshine as I know how many will complain if it goes away but allow a little coolness to waft its way in.

Song choices courtesy of: Laura Marling, Vance Joy and Frank Hamilton


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