Big Yellow Dream Hourglass

You probably reckon you’ve got a pretty good handle on where dreams come from. Sure, you may not be able to reel off the precise neurological processes that chain up to produce the slumber time phenomenon but you can vaguely describe kind of sort of what occurs. People like you want to drain the magic out of this world and leave us with cold hard science (which can actually be incredibly beautiful but stick with me, I’m working up to something) rather than the glittery mysticism the universe is made out of.

Dreams are very definitely not the subconscious trying to process anything whatsoever. If you can’t work through your problems on your own when you’re awake then it’s time for you to book yourself into therapy. Have you really never heard of the big yellow dream hourglass? It’s a well-established part of the Sandman mythology. Yes it is, it’s not my fault you’re an uncultured bumpkin who wouldn’t know a legend if it hit you in the face with a pig’s bladder.

The hourglass was a gift from Death who obviously has a rather large collection of such timepieces. At the point of receipt it was a rather nondescript thing, grey yet with a cluster of stars. However, once the dream maker or deliverer (whatever you want to believe happens when he comes by with his big old bag of sand) got hold of it the object began to change.

It morphed into a gloriously buttery lemony gold and grew until it was an impossibility to carry it around anymore. Once the big yellow dream hourglass was relegated to the mantelpiece it started churning away, spitting our choice pieces of erotica or terror to float away and reach the sleepers far away. The visions that come when your eyes are shut tight and your brain has switched off for the night are courtesy of the hourglass.

Song choices courtesy of: Joni Mitchell, Michael Giacchino and Laura Marling


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