Stairway to Company Love

I may or may not have mentioned this previously but I’m a recruiter don’t you know? I’m part of the opportunistic battalion ready to leap at the merest hint of dissatisfaction and tempt you away into something else just so I can earn a chunky fee. That’s the stereotype anyway.

While I’m not all that fussed about defending the industry (I’m definitely not on board with some of the nonsense people get up to but that can be true of any sales led sector) there are some upsides to having people available to aid you in a career move (they made me write this. Probably). I tend to stick to sending out emails people are very welcome to ignore if they’re not up for a good old fashioned job hunt.

It’s all about career satisfaction. If you’re settled and comfortable and happy and tested or whatever it is you look for in an occupation (with most it seems to be a salary) then you’ll be perfectly content to tell a no doubt entirely well-meaning vulture (sorry, recruiter) to get lost at least for the moment. However, when the rosy sheen of what tempted you there in the first place starts to wane it might be a relief to know that there are folk out there whose livelihood depends on finding you a better way to spend your days.

To be honest, I don’t know why you’re reading this. The internet is positively choked with articles related to finding the joy of job or something ever so slightly pithier with a glorious hashtag handle. It’s hardly as if I’m going to add anything especially meaningful to the din. Think about what you’re good at and how to monetise said skills. Unless it’s prostitution. For some reason that’s rather frowned on in the corporate sphere. And ask for more money, if a fatter payslip doesn’t inspire more devotion in you I don’t know what will.

Song choices courtesy of: Rodrigo y Gabriela, Switchfoot and Train


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