Lost in the Lego Happy

It’s sounds terribly surly and teenager-ish of me to say that I know no one’s been counting (I mean, come on, who would? This is one of the most self-indulgent exercises you’ll ever see and we’re on the internet for heaven’s sake). However, I know no one’s been counting but today marks a whole four years of this nonsense. Which means it’s time to shake it up just a little.

In another age we had The How to Guide Song Title Challenge. Then it was A-Z over and over until I couldn’t take it anymore and we’re currently up The Daily News Headline Mash Up.

Because I feel like it (there’s no other logic when it comes to this thing) I’m going to switch formats on a rolling one month basis. Or longer. Or shorter. Or abandon it in a fortnight flat because it’s not working for anyone.

I give you the only new idea I could come up with, the Up to and Including Five Song Mash Up (you are entitled to a free prize if you work on each and every track selection):

Lost in the Lego Happy

There’s a certain something so very satisfying about world building. You get to hover godlike over the field of your own creation and no one has any influence over it whatsoever but you. But enough about The Sims and the atrocities some (not me, no, never I. Such things would never occur on my watch. I don’t know what you’re talking about) feel compelled to commit whilst playing.

There are so very many outlets for such creative tendencies. Some might escape into a world of fiction, spinning tales about Westeros, Hogwarts or even a spot of Discworld (any idea what sort of books I like to read? I swear I branch out every now and then into something somewhat rooted in our reality). Others will leap headfirst into online platforms and games where they are the master of all that they survey. However, few activities in this life will touch the unadulterated joy that is playing with Lego.

It may well be a sadly frowned upon activity for most adults (although I think it’s the only logical step once we’ve moved on from the grown up colouring book phase – reckon there are any out there with lewd pictures for those who want to indulge their stiffy after they’ve wielded their more colourful implement?). Those who’ve produced children, on the other hand, are positively encouraged to build away to their heart’s content.

There you’ll be, constructing your masterpiece, a fully working representation of the most ideal of all lands. You’ll swoop from one genre or structure to another and to hell with the tiny offspring you’re supposed to be bonding with. This is in no way a complete rip off of the Lego Movie. Anyway, it just goes to show how absorbing such an activity it is and how easily one can be lost in the Lego happy.

Song selection courtesy of: Tom Howe, Ed Sheeran and Murray Gold


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