Gove Blasts EU Elite in Secret

You really can’t say anything any more and have it remain a secret. Someone somewhere will catch your indiscretion on film or discreetly hidden webcam or else they’ll report it later on the Twitters or to the intelligence official paying them for their information. You can be nestled in the comfort of your very own home and a trusted guest might think it a lark to go ahead and share the deliciously exciting meat of your conversations.

This is quite possibly the direction of argument that Mr Gove may be minded to pursue. He was having a very private discussion about how deeply awful certain European bigwigs happened to be. Sure he was getting terribly heated about the whole situation but he’s a passionate man, such things happen. What he didn’t bank on was someone getting a perfectly juicy shot of the whole tirade and circulating it to the media.

Of course he could have stopped it there given his wonderful influence throughout the local circles of power. However, one bright spark decided that such a demonstration of bile against our continental cousins was far too good for the rest of us to miss. They may or may not have been a Brexit supporter, it’s hard to know for sure at this stage but they were really rather gleeful to discover such fodder from someone who in public supports remaining in the union.

Or maybe I’ve got him confused with Osborne. At this point I’m really not sure I particularly care one way or another regarding the whole referendum malarkey. Perhaps this was just one more piece of doctored propaganda to display the vitriol a government official can summon up even when he doesn’t think anyone would notice. One way or the other there are some genuinely bruised feelings among some extremely influential figures.

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