Ministers Ignored Risk of Skin Cancer Cure

If you ever dared to utter anything remotely along the lines of cure for cancer you had better watch out because a lot of people are bound to get inordinately excited. It’s the dream of various learned members of the scientific community to be the one who finally manages to kick cancer’s metaphorical arse. However, something that people seem unwilling to consider is the cost of such a discovery (if I ever complete that novel I keep failing to finish you might just see a revolutionarily insightful discussion of this very issue).

So when it appeared that a method of eliminating a specific type of cancer had come to fruition everyone started celebrating rather than contemplating for so much as a single second that this breakthrough might have had ramifications. In order to battle rampaging cells medics are already prepared to blast them with radiation or soak them with poison so it’s hardly surprising that an aggressive cure was very heartily welcomed.

I mean, what does it matter if you’re left as nothing more than a dried out husk provided you’re gloriously free of metastasis? The government has been holding out hope for some time now that anything good will happen at some point. This is the main reason why they plunged so readily onwards with the fabled cure.

Now is not the time for me to go into the finer points of the science involved (and not at all because I can’t think of anything entertaining to try and pass off as almost fact). However, suffice to say that even if the flesh is literally melting off your face because it’s so riddled with tumours you’ll still think twice or even three times about allowing the doctors to cure you. When being cleansed is the ultimate goal it can be easy to lose perspective.


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