Miracle of the Anti-Drinking Lobby

In this heartily gin soaked country of ours it might be considered something of a miracle that we’ve managed to produce an anti-drinking lobby at all. Obviously I’m not suggesting that we’re a nation of drunkards per se, there are those who’ve sworn off the sauce thanks to some very interesting stories they refuse to go into in sufficient detail (not that anyone would ever dream of nosing into such exploits).

But every now and then someone out there will get a little bit bored. The usual causes don’t hold the same level of savour as they used to. Rather than giving into that overwhelming sense of ennui they cast about for some other worthy thing to latch onto. One such enterprising type decided that just the thing would be to eradicate alcohol consumption as a brand of entertainment. To hell with anyone else’s enjoyment or whatever, just think of the social kudos that would accompany such a feat.

And so an officious band of misfits joined together in order to bring down big booze or whatever they might have decided to dub it. But how on earth do miracles manage to enter into the business? Have they been pulling a reverse Jesus and turned wine into water and begun selling it as an expensive health drink? Of course not but do put a pin in that as a future business venture.

No, maybe miracle isn’t quite the right term for it but you know how the papers like to indulge in the odd spot of hyperbole. They’re simply managing to attract new followers to their cause which is something of a surprise. Maybe it’s simply down to the fact that we’re a far more health conscious nation than we used to be and giving up drink is a far more agreeable alternative than eating more sensibly. Wonders will never cease.

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