Secretive Firms Soar Yet Again

With just a little application and ingenuity you’d be amazed precisely what the human body can achieve. Actually, you probably wouldn’t, just look at Batman. Sure, he’s technically not based on a real person but it probably wouldn’t take all that much searching to uncover his actual factual equivalent. Or at the very least an Iron Man wannabe (Marvel fever has somewhat taken hold after the latest lacklustre DC outing).

In your heart of hearts you know it to be true. There are enough money and time rich nerds out there for rather a lot of them to be toying about with attempting to invent all manner of exciting modifications for the human base kit. It’s true that those gunning for laser vision are barking up the wrong tree but we can’t all be winners. Sometimes they team up in order to put their overactive imaginations together and bring dreams into terrifying reality.

If only a certain firm could remember the precise chain of thought that led to one of their number managing to get airborne at last. The sad thing is that if they can recall the glorious process they definitely won’t want to share it with the rest of humanity. Sure, there could be some profit in the patent but that wouldn’t last forever. Where’s the pure satisfaction in being able to leap into the air with a single flap of your arms if everyone else can do it too?

So they melt away into the night and take their furtive developments in evolution with them. We’ll never find out and even if someone else is even capable of recreating the amazing event they won’t be minded to let anyone else into the flight club. They’ll start spinning some useless rules regarding not talking about it and the frustrating cycle will continue. Give me an unlimited budget and a massive lever and I’ll almost definitely accomplish something.


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