Maniac at Train Station on Rise at Last

It’s classic tale as old as time. Child is born into a perfectly average family. Said individual begins to develop worrying behavioural symptoms. I start to get uncomfortable in continuing with this story because I definitely don’t know what I’m talking about. A few chapters in the tale get skipped over because of some plot and we arrive at the almost present. The nut job haunting the train station has a far more layered and nuanced history than you might have initially expected. But try not to touch because icky.

But that’s definitely not where this engaging saga ends because we both know that once things get to a certain point they can only get better. That’s what they insist on telling you when you’re down in the dumps and it’s what I’m going to cling to for the time being. Someone actually stopped to listen to what this particular individual had to say.

Sure, they’d only lost their train ticket and thanks to an unhelpful guard they were trapped unless they stumped up the extra funds to cross the barrier. But for that crucial minute or so they were exposed to the ramblings of our slightly maniacal hero. And a surprising amount of sense was made. Were they to release a newsletter they might just have a brand new subscriber.

This commuter happened to be rather an influential figure within the media. Ideas caught fire, took hold and grew into something rather more wonderful than might have initially been suspected. The so called maniac was collected, thoroughly deloused and put on a pedestal to start debated matters related to the economy, climate change, equal rights, life the universe and everything. It’s a completely new brand of politics that’s delightfully refreshing and unexpected and not in the incredibly scary Donald Trump way.


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