Older Voters Turn Back to Green Light to Fracking

If something terrible that you simply don’t approve of is happening then please don’t worry. There are plenty of things you can do about it? Some of them might even have something resembling an affect. No one’s going to make you so much as write a letter to your member of parliament or anything in that league.

Simply turn away. Keep on revolving (not too quickly, mind. We don’t want you get dizzy or anything) until you discover the magically sweet angle whereupon you can no longer see whatever it is that’s annoying you. Once the issue is quite certainly out of sight you can get to the absorbing business of pretending that whatever it is definitely isn’t happening and didn’t manage to exist in the first place. You’ll have a natural boost in this endeavour if you’re British, it’s kind of our thing.

This is what the older voters are doing right now. They’re very busy people with lots of pottering to do in their retirement (those of them that can afford to retire, others are meandering round offices in search of the stationery cupboard for the Holy Grail that is the stapler. All in spite of the fact that the business went paperless over a decade ago). Finding the energy to change opinions based on new information simply isn’t something they’re prepared to do.

So those that aren’t pleased with the whole fracking situation have opted to ignore it entirely. Turning to new energy sources isn’t really something they’re particularly fussed about anyway. Sure, oil and other natural reserves are running down fast but they’ll be dead long before it becomes all that much of an issue and if their children had been just a little bit nicer to them perhaps they’d be a bit concerned about the hellish wasteland they’ll have to live in down the line.


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