Chilcot Will Savage High St Bosses

I know politics and the like are largely boring. Come on, you know it is. If it was as exciting as high octane car chases and whatever there would be more films called Referendum! (possibly a musical about a little orphan nobody who rises to acclaim and power and conducts country changing legislature about independence or whatever –  I really haven’t put all that much thought into it) rather than worthy insightful diggings into what really happened.

However, we ought to start using slightly more accurate language when describing what goes down in Westminster and similar venues. Sharp words and petty insults can often be described as horrific insults or attacks the likes of which we haven’t seen since the crusades. Despite these glorious and incredibly bloody accounts most victims emerge with nothing more than a slightly bruised ego or dented feelings rather than a missing limb or lacerated torso.

So when you hear that Chilcot is going to absolutely savage one or two choice targets you’ll be forgiven for thinking it wouldn’t be all that big a deal. You might get it into your head that he’ll have a few nasty phrases in his report ready to fire at wrongdoers. Nope, he’s done and then some with abiding by social rules and even laws and that. He’s become such a joke that the only way he can see to dispense with the humiliation and frustration is to go on something of a rampage.

It would be ever so slightly inconvenient to go after the likes of Blair and generals but some of them are able to fight back. So why not attack the captains of the retail industry? They’re lovely fat cats or ducks who’ve been doing next to nothing useful for ages. It would be so very satisfying to savage them even a little.


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